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Discover the first workplace and experiences
management platform.

A unique solution for your team and workspace like never before.

Boost your team engagement by allowing them to create events, connect with their peers, perform the coolest challenges and develop a successful career.


Take control
from everywhere.

One click clock-in, request orders and track their evolution, assess your work team and reserve spaces in the office
(or close to where you are).

Create and attend events.
Connect with your community.

Discover the most amazing talents of your peers.
It is time to promote team building and connect with your community to reach the strongest values of your company.

Generate work orders
from the office or home  
in just 3 clicks.

Enjoy the most powerful digital Service Desk on the market.
Broken? We fix it. Need a Taxi? We bring it. Hungry? We feed you.
You don´t believe it? Request a demo here.

We challenge you to preserve the planet and in return... get HuMind Points.

Get rewarded with HuMind points and exchange them for sustainable actions such as planting trees, collecting waste in natural places, and many more initiatives.

Take your company to the
next level.
The level of the future.

Mind web app grants you access to the most powerful service desk on the market. Manage and maintain your assets, the energy efficiency of your company and request at a click all kind of services so that you optimise your time, team and elevate your company to the next level.

Same old...
doing it like never before.

Facilities Management

Home Office

Corporate Experience

Business intelligence

Happiness management

Workplace Experience

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